Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a consultation?

An initial consultation with Mr Amir is priced at $210.00. If you have a private health fund that covers Podiatry, you will be able to claim a partial rebate. The charge for subsequent consultations is $130.00.

Do I need a referral?

A referral from your Podiatrist or GP is not required, but if you have one, please bring it along, as we will keep close correspondence with them.

What happens during my first consultation?

You will be required to complete a Registration Form for the clinic and your medical history will be reviewed and assessed.

For those considering foot surgery, Mr Amir will generally spend an hour with you discussing your specific concerns as well as the possible procedural options that you may benefit from. Photographs will usually be taken.

If you have a date in mind for your surgery, it may be booked during your first or subsequent consultation.

What happens after the first consultation?


You will usually be encouraged to attend a second consultation. This allows time for you to consider all the information you have been given, prepare questions and conduct your own research.

It also allows time for a cost estimate to be prepared and sent to you. A suitable date & time for your surgery will be organised & any additional blood tests, x-rays, or other imaging will be arranged.