Financial Assistance

Assistance we provide


We understand the total amount of out of pocket expense from surgery can be overwhelming, especially for our patients who are not covered by health insurance. We are aiming to help make this easier by offering a payment plan over a chosen period of time. To enquire about this, please contact our practice manager at


To date we have worked together with workers compensation to get our patients returning to work. Please contact your case worker to have approval for an initial consultation. At this visit we can go through all aspects of care required and we can then complete a report for your case worker to assess.


The Australasian College of Podiatric Surgeons has been working tirelessly to have Podiatric Surgery recognised and covered by Medicare. The inroads have been progressing, however, there is still no rebates through either Medicare. It is important to check with your health fund the level of cover including surgeons, anaesthetist and hospital fees, as they vary substantially.
You are welcome to place your application in to your private health insurance company, if we can assist with this process, we are happy to help.
As more Australian’s request rebates, awareness will increase exponentially. This will eventually lead to rebates for patients.


At this stage the DVA will not pay for surgical costs and will only cover consultation fees only. Ultimately it is up to you to push your case forward. If you need support with this application we are happy to help you. Eventually we aim to get DVA on board and provide rebates or full cover for Podiatric Surgery.